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Wicked Games review snippet ...Knight clearly revels in all the details of her story,
creating a world that is both immersive and endlessly inventive..."
Romantic Times Magazine

Dear Reader -- Thanks so much for stopping by.

I have a lot of fun news to share this time. First, I’ve finished Morgana and Percival’s story, “Oath of Service,” in Love Bites. Morgana, witch that she is, is a coolly manipulative character who has been driving Percival insane with lust for centuries. In “Oath,” he finally gets the chance to bring her to her knees—and they both enjoy every kinky minute of it. “Oath of Service” is a novel-length story I think readers are going to enjoy. Love Bites also includes a couple of kinky vampire shorts, “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “The Bloodslave.”

My editor just sent me the cover for Love Bites, which I think is my favorite cover of all time. Isn’t it gorgeous? Sensual and classy. The book’s scheduled publication date is September, 2014. You’ll find the first two chapters of “Oath of Service” on my blog here: http://angelasknights.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-first-chapter-of-oath-of-service.html

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed in the February issue of Harper’s Magazine http://www.magazine-agent.com-sub.info/Harpers/Welcome#covers. Harper’s editor Jesse Barron was very kind to me in the interview, conducted while I was at Jimmy Thomas’s Romance Novel Convention last year. The article is interesting and informative, and I recommend it highly.

Jesse also asked me to do not one, but TWO interviews with him on NPR’s The Takeaway, http://www.thetakeaway.org/story/why-romance-novels-sell, hosted by John Hockenberry, who led an interesting discussion on romance. Next Jesse and I did On Point, http://onpoint.wbur.org/2014/02/12/romance-novels-business-best-sellers. Both pages have audio recordings of the interviews you can listen to free.

I enjoyed talking to On Point host Tom Ashbrook and Wendy Crutcher, Super Librarian and blogger, http://wendythesuperlibrarian.blogspot.com. I was very impressed by Wendy’s spirited defense of romance and romance readers.  

I’m currently gearing up for the publication of WICKED GAMES in April. WICKED GAMES is an anthology with two of my short stories and one novel. The short novel is called The Once and Future Lover, and it’s a prequel of my Mageverse series, in which the Knights of the Round Table are immortal vampires sworn to protect humanity. The Once and Future Lover is King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s story, which readers have been requesting for years now.

You’ll find the first chapter of The Once and Future Lover on my blog, here: The Once and Future Lover First Chapter

Right now, I’m working on my next novel, Southern Shields, the story of a beautiful sheriff’s deputy and her handsome dominant of a partner. The two explore the darker side of love while dodging a murderous cop killer. I hope to have a first chapter to post soon.

As for appearances, I plan to be at the New Orleans RT Booklovers Convention in May, https://www.rtconvention.com/. My husband Mike Woodcock, a sheriff’s lieutenant, and I will be speaking at the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, in July, http://www.rwa.org/conference, talking about police procedures and writing cop characters. We’ll also be attending Jimmy Thomas’s Las Vegas Romance Novel Convention http://romancenovelconvention.com/, also in July. I recommend that conference highly, since it’s relatively inexpensive and fun. And you can’t beat the eye-candy.

I hope to see you at one of those events, since I love meeting readers and other writers.


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